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This week, I have been focused on healing past pain. Many clients come to me with unresolved issues or patterns from the past. We all want to feel free and present, but we often hold onto the pain of the past unknowingly.

We were not taught how to resolve emotional pain that gets stuck. We are usually taught to just “get over it”, let it go or forget about it. The unfortunate news is  THIS DOES NOT WORK. Instead, it causes us to release that pain in unhealthy and unproductive ways. This looks like addictive habits, physical ailments, rocky relationships, issues of jealousy, self doubt, unhappiness, dissatisfaction or just a loss of self and direction.

You may not believe this, but as we free ourselves from past pain, we also open ourselves up to the power of the present moment. Oftentimes, people are afraid of that power. It scares us simply because it is UNKNOWN, but also because we have been away from this full capacity for so long.

In this new video, I will guide you through these steps of healing.

Briefly, I will say that we need to practice RADICAL ACCEPTANCE. We must treat our old pain as if it is a ruptured inner child who needs our care and attention.

    1. Do not resist the pain. Just like you should not resist the uncomfortable emotions of a small child. This makes the pain feel like it is acknowledged and does not need to be any different, just like a child needs to feel.
    2. Allow your pain to be seen. When children feel seen, they also feel SAFE!
    3. DON’T ABANDON your pain. When you can stay with it and not need it to go away, be any different or change. This is when unconditional love flows. Many of us did not get unconditional love and therefore we learned to treat ourselves and our emotions just as we were treated.

As we take the steps to release past emotions, we will start to experience a new unconditional way of being with ourselves that will eventually lead to self partnering. As one of my longtime clients told me this week…. “Candace, you were right, now that I can stay with myself, I can handle anything.” This is the key my lovely friends.

In an upcoming video, I will be talking about the gift of having an absent parent. Following that is a bonus to healing past pain = RAPID MANIFESTATION.

For those of you who are new here and have not yet heard about my 12-week healing courses, they will both be open for enrollment on SEPT. 1st. Classes will start OCT. 1st and it is 100% online and at your own pace. You keep the courses for life and you can attend my live calls each week for the entire year.

Here are the course explanations below:



Have a great week everyone and happy healing!


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