Praise for Candace


“I wanted to share with you that I feel so blessed to have slipped upon your Instagram page and began coaching with you! I truly feel that you understand me and see me on a very real and deep level, which makes the healing process a lot more efficient. There’s something so unique and different about the way you teach your work and I’m a huge fan of the process you have been guiding me through. It’s more than obvious to me that you did all the work that you talk about. That helps me feel more human that the teach herself gets it, and has healed those wounds! I learned so much from you already from our weekly sessions and it truly give me hope to know there’s a way out/through. It’s just so interesting because I feel like you get me in a way that other healers have not. Energy doesn’t lie. Thank you dearly for sharing parts of your journey and soul so that I can heal mine. I hope one day I can wake up and say “Hey I’ve healed, and Candace was right that the pain of healing gets less.”

“Candace has a unique, genuine, straightforward, yet compassionate, way of “cutting to the chase.” She has been able to help me discover the root causes of issues that have plagued me all my life. I have been to several psychologists over the years and only went once or twice to each and then stopped. I felt they didn’t “get me” and just wanted to dish out platitudes and techniques, as if I was just another object on their assembly line. In my experience they were not interested in “me” as an individual and in my unique qualities and traits.

Candace is what I call a “heart” practitioner. She comes from a place of deep intuition and every time I have a session I feel like part of my soul or self has been opened up and brought into the light. She knows just the right questions to ask to help me “dig deep,” but she does this in a very gentle way.

She has empowered me to believe in myself more than I ever have in my entire life. I’ve never felt this free and I know I’ve barely touched the surface. The homework and exercises and meditations she gives me are spot on for where I’m at and the areas in my life I am growing in.

Candace comes across as someone who truly knows herself but is still a co-traveller. She is strong, yet gentle, and very humble for someone who could justifiably be totally full of herself.

If you are a highly sensitive person with heavy baggage (well that’s all of us really) Candace will set you at ease to be able to talk about things you don’t feel comfortable talking to anybody else about. Not only that, she will help you understand where your triggers come from, help you to have self-compassion, and importantly give you guidance about how to “get real about how you feel so you can heal.”


“I have been working with Candace for 2 years now and have concurrently or previously worked with 10 or more other therapists, life coaches etc… Candace stands out to me as a special rare gem of a person who specializes in working with those who are Highly Sensitive, Empathic, or Clairvoyant.

She is not only an expert in her field, but carries herself professionally with dedication, love, and exercising her “eagle eye”; can see what is going in you before you do. It’s both scary and revelatory. Candace is the real deal.”


“I am so glad I found Candace! In a short space of time, Candace has had such an amazing and positive influence on my life. She uses a combination of her finely tuned intuitive skills and those she learned through study and is always evolving her practice as she too continues to evolve, learn and grow.

Candace works from a place of experience as she has tried and tested all of her processes and is always willing to share her own experiences. She lives and breathes her practices, always bringing her authentic self to every moment and being real. I absolutely love my chats with Candace. She has given me so much great insight and so many fabulous tools to use, I have felt a huge shift in myself as a result. Candace’s insight, ideas and tools are very empowering as they are tools for life and they give us the power to heal and grow ourselves. Her intuition is spot on. She is down to earth, empathetic, pragmatic and funny. Candace is always a joy to work with and I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to expand their spiritual growth in order to move through challenging issues or to simply continue to elevate oneself to the next level.”



“I first came across Candace van Dell in an interview she gave for the Yzl ZenLife YouTube channel on ‘Eradicating painful patterns for the last time’ – and was initially skeptical that this subtly bejewelled, model-esque beauty would have anything very profound to say.

Cut to two minutes in and I was transfixed – hanging on her every word as she gave voice to innate truths that are built into all of us but so often become lost in the fray.

Forgotten fragments of soul-level knowledge sparked within me as Candace normalised them, making them accessible and relatable with her unassuming, conversational style.

She described the work that she does as a Spiritual Psychology Coach, saying she often only needs to see clients for two or three sessions because her primary role is to give people the tools they need in order to help themselves. I thought to myself: ‘Wait until you see the hot mess I’ve got going on over here… two or three sessions will seem like a drop in the ocean!’

By the end of the interview as I reached for a pen to write down her contact details, I had that rare and magical feeling that guided by a higher power I had found myself in the right place at the right time, and immediately booked my first transcontinental Skype session.”



“I contacted Candace at a time when I was going through a lot of changes in my life. I was feeling very alone and isolated in my struggle to understand what I was experiencing. I had recently been through a breakup and was trying to figure out the next steps to take. I came across Candace randomly (or NOT randomly at all!) on YouTube and decided to go out on a limb and contact her about her coaching services.

As soon as we started Skyping, I had this overwhelming feeling of FINALLY being understood. It’s a feeling that literally changed my life, giving me a new sense of confidence and self-acceptance. Candace had an immediate understanding of what I was going through, the particular challenges I face as an Indigo child, and let me know it was all ok.

She also followed up with me via email and responded right away when I reached out. I was given actionable steps that I could take to help me get to where I was feeling centered again. I am so thankful that the universe directed me to her and that I had the courage to take a chance and try something different. Her coaching started a positive ripple effect in my life, and I’m now in a much happier and more secure place.”


Los Angeles, CA

“I discovered Candace over two years ago when she made an appearance on Your Zen Life. It’s still honestly one of my favourite videos. I remember writing down notes of all the wisdom that she shared. I soon then watched all of her YouTube videos and they would always answer the questions I had at the time! They all resonated with me, her words are so powerful and she speaks so eloquently. Then a year ago, I met her through Skype, and we connected immediately. Candace is highly intuitive and she picked up my energy immediately. I felt so comfortable talking to her, as she made me feel understood. As a highly sensitive person myself Candace has helped me change the way I thought about myself. I learned a lot about acceptance and loving the highly sensitive side of me, seeing it as a gift rather than a burden or a curse. She has helped me transform it into something that returns to self-love, which offers deep healing and then having enough self-love to give it to others.

When I was younger I always felt different, as though I was placed on earth, but I belonged somewhere else. I always felt that I had a mission and a purpose on earth. But I never felt understood. I was always too emotional, too sensitive, intuitive and prone to depression. That’s why I connect to Candace, because she has been through all that and has transcended all the obstacles and now sharing her wisdom and compassion with others.

Thank you Candace for your generosity and everything that you have taught me. I am so grateful for you, thank you reminding me to focus on my authentic self. I’m so thankful to call you my teacher.”



“It was such a pleasure to meet Candace and have an online session. She radiates such light and love! When I contacted Candace I was feeling out of touch with my inner self and wanted to create a better spiritual connection before the birth of my baby. The strategies she taught me have helped to gain some perspective. I need to push away the dark and negative feelings and radiate light. I pray and picture myself surrounded by white light which helps immensely. Candace also helped me make sense of my past fears and how to deal with them in a positive way. I just felt understood and that’s important in itself.

Now that my daughter is born, I just can’t believe how much love a person can have for another. She has taught me a love that shakes my core and I would do anything for her.

Candace’s main message to me was that everything is LOVE. Someone frustrating you? Send them love. Love is all you need! And sometimes you just need someone to remind you of that, so thank you!!”



“Candace’s methodologies, insights and wisdom are invaluable! Her tailored wellness approach is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Her collaborations and action plans for my personal growth have been instrumental in moving me forward to achieving success in goals.

Thank you Candace, for everything you do! “



“I started working with Candace about 6 months ago. I found her on Instagram and followed her for a few months before I emailed her asking for some guidance. I was pleasantly surprised when she emailed me back right away and even provided some immediate tips about what I wrote to her initially.

I set up my first Skype session and did not know what to expect. Candace is very warm and has an insight beyond what I have ever experienced. It was the same comfort as talking to my best friend but she has the wisdom of a sage. Candace is very real, authentic and gets things in a way I just can’t explain.

I experienced an almost immediate shift in my own emotional state. I recommend coaching with Candace weekly because she has a way of keeping you in that authentic space within yourself. When I miss a session I can tell my energy drops and I need that tune up. High praise for this lady, please check her out and feel a connection to yourself you may have forgotten was possible.”


“I began my journey towards wholeness two-years earlier with a mentor who was very helpful in taking my first steps, which was clearing the dishonesty within myself. I also read every metaphysical book I could get my hands on and while I had gained some knowledge and insight I was still confused and unable to put it all into practice in my own life. Right when I was ready for someone to guide me through the next step I saw Candace in a video on Your Zen Life and I knew she was the one!

Candace is so approachable and understanding that I was able to open up and trust her immediately.

Working with Candace changed everything. After only a handful of sessions, I made leaps and bounds towards internal alignment. Candace gave me tools to navigate past my social behavior patterns, society perception and pressures, and to train my ego to cooperate in order to find my true self. The clarity I gained has allowed me to recognize emotional reactions in myself and others for what they really are, knowing that I am only truly responsible for myself. In turn, this has made room for kindness towards myself and others.

The external results were immediate! My daily state of being has been more blissful and consistent than ever before and I feel stronger in my sense of self, which has allowed me to shine my light without fear of the opinions of others. This had always been one of my biggest hurdles.

Candace is able to recognize patterns and blocks right away and address them in a way that is easy to understand, once you gain this knowledge and practice the exercises you can only move forward. In addition, all aspects of my work improved greatly and I have begun attracting like-minded people and opportunities.

If you find yourself experiencing anything less than a consistent state of bliss that cannot be penetrated by anyone or thing in your day to day life then I highly recommend working with Candace. Everyone deserves this bliss and everyone can have it. Candace has a gift that she is willing to share to help you find yours. I’m still on my journey and I will work with Candace as long as she will have me!”



“Candace and I have known each other for over 10 yrs. first as a model, then a friend, a roommate and now as my spiritual coach. I finally feel heard and understood. I am starting to trust my inner self again only after a few short sessions. Love you CK! ”

New York, NY

“And instilling the confidence I need to utilize my voice and speak from this space. I love her energy and the clarity she is able to bring forth is invaluable. She is a stunning and illuminating human being both inside and out.”

Los Angeles, CA

“Candace’s ability to listen to what you are saying and put into words exactly how you are feeling is… unbelievable!
I have never come across anyone who truly understands like she does. I am at a place in my life where I need change, and feel as though I am finding my “true self.” Candace listens and provides me with exercises to help with that process. She has taught me to listen to my inner self, that everything I need is TRULY within me. This excites me to my inner core.

Every time I speak with her she makes me feel understood, and sheds light on approaches to take to truly understand your emotions and that you are OKAY. I am so happy the universe led me to her, and excited to continue my journey using her guidance.”


Virginia, USA

“As they say: “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”!

I was so desperate and lost, and so ready to make changes in my life. I realized that I needed someone to help me with all of my questions and self-doubts.

Ask and you shall receive :))) my Universe sent me Candace. I didn’t even have to look for a teacher, it just happened.

My agent put me in touch with a “spiritual coach who will definitely help”. And it happened to be Candace. I have to be honest, at first I was really cautious and I didn’t quite believe in all that “spirit”, “meditation” stuff.

But since I was struggling so much with my inner doubts and confidence, I was willing to try anything.

Plus the fact that Candace is a former model and actress herself helped me to be open with her from the very beginning.

And it happened, we had our first Skype session. I was shocked and so overwhelmed that finally there’s someone who understands me completely, who knows what I’m going through and who is able to help me.”


Los Angeles, CA

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