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Candace was featured on Voyage LA in the Local Stories section here.

voyage la




Candace was a guest on HAY HOUSE RADIO  May 30, 2017 talking about empowering intuition and giving readings for live callers.  Listen here


An honorable mention from a beautiful client of mine!

Bec is literally an Aussie living in LA, with a background in journalism, modeling and acting, LA is the perfect landscape for Bec to express her creative ideas and get paid for it. Today WMS sits down with her to discuss the challenges of being an expat and why it is so important to be mindful of living our truth in life. Bec is proof that we can all follow our dream if we listen to our inner self. This interview is raw, truthful and a really inspiring read. Enjoy WMS xoxo

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Another important person in my life is Candace Van Dell, a Spiritual Psychology Coach in LA, who has been an inspiration, a friend who gifted me with tools that make everyday a blessing.  As a result of the changes I made all aspects of my work as a writer, model and actress improved and I have attracted honest relationships and opportunities.

The clarity I gained allows me to recognize emotional reactions in myself and others for what they really are, knowing that I am responsible for myself and cannot control the words and actions of others. There is room for criticism and creative ideas to have a positive impact, all pain is a gift for me to learn from.

My Interview with Australian Actress and dear friend Teresa Palmer for her beautiful website

We talked about HOW TO eradicate painful patterns for the last time.


View entire article here.

My interview for Transformation Nation with Alexi Panos!

Finding Your Indigo

We talked about the transformation of our world and the evolution of our children.

Transformation Nation with Candace van Dell


Article featured on Women for One.

Releasing PERFECTIONism!!!

I spoke about shedding perfectionism and coming into the Authentic Self.

Women for One Candace van Dell

View entire article here.

Models for Wellness Candace van Dell

I feel honored and happy to be a monthly contributor for Models for Wellness. As a model there is more visibility and a great opportunity to be a positive example.

Here are some articles featured on Models for Wellness:

How to Rewire Your Thoughts & Think Positively

Models for Wellness article by Candace van Dell

View entire article here.

4 Steps to Getting UN-Stuck

Model for Wellness article by Candace van Dell

View entire article here.

Emotional Harmony 101


View entire article here.

How to Get – and Stay – Empowered


View entire article here.

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