- with Candace Van Dell -


Heal Abandonment Wounds, Self Doubt, Trauma Bonds Codependency and More…

This is the most embodied course I have ever made!


– with Candace Van Dell –


Heal Abandonment Wounds, Self Doubt, Trauma Bonds Codependency and More…

This is the most embodied course I have ever made!


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Shadow Work
Heal • Integrate • Become Whole

After you complete Emotional Rehab, Shadow Work is the part of your spiritual journey that will bring you into WHOLENESS by integrating the inner child, the emotional pain body and the parts of you that you have been separated from.

We will dive right into what Shadow Work is and why we have a shadow. We have both a dark shadow as well as a golden shadow. The part of us that feels misunderstood, not enough, different or wrong equals our unworthiness wound. The parts of us that fear JOY and shining too bright are the golden shadow. We will be contacting our inner child and the ideas we create around who we thought we were versus who we really are. Why we thought it was SAFE to hide these parts of ourselves and why it is now mandatory to illuminate them.

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Inner Work Level 1 Group Coaching
Heal From Codependency and Narcissistic Relationship Dynamics

Do You:

  • Struggle with high sensitivity, codependency or toxic relationship dynamics?
  • Feel like you are always compromising for others?
  • Seek for external validation and approval, people pleasing, and ultimately losing your confidence or sense of Self within your relationship?
  • Feel like your boundaries get broken and you fear enmeshment or abandonment?

If this sounds like YOU, I invite you to my group coaching program, INNER WORK.

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Inner Work Level 2 Group Coaching
Trust a New Way That Will Bring You Into a Stable, Secure, Safe Connection to Self and Others

This course is a deep dive into the beginning and ending of your abandonment wounds which attract the trauma bonds. Every trauma bond has a story behind it that started with attachment inconsistencies.

We learned to abandon the self in order to feel safe. This becomes scary, uncomfortable and creates roller coaster relationships. We get confused about what true healthy love is and we are bored when things are not intoxicating.

If you are ready to TRUST a new way that will bring you into a very stable, secure, SAFE connection to self and others, join INNER WORK LEVEL 2.

Max 5 people per group! Click the button below.


Boundaries Bootcamp


Join me in this mini course that will change the game for you and your relationships!

Soul Lab

A 6-Week Online Training Program that teaches the 6 Steps of Alignment with your Higher Self.

Self Love

A Master Class to claim an unapologetic confidence and connection that only exists between YOU, YOURSELF & GOD.

Coaching Sessions With Candace

As a Spiritual Coach & New Thought Leader, Candace focuses on a soul-centered approach to healing. It is her belief that many of our negative “symptoms” are signs that we are out of alignment with our true selves. We have been conditioned to align with external authorities, societal ideals, out of date learning styles and perfectionistic standards.

We can’t experience or maintain true health unless we are true to ourselves. To clear unwanted symptoms, we must get back into alignment with what we FEEL.

“We are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

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A guide to managing your emotions, understanding their messages and clearing unwanted patterns for the last time.


A quick and profound process to manage your emotions, understand their messages, stop unwanted patterns and turn wounds into wisdom.


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So that we can finally… discover how to HEAL.


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About Candace

Candace Van Dell is a New Thought Leader, YouTube Vlogger, author and speaker. Her mission is to assist people in reclaiming their TRUTH.

Candace works as a Spiritual Coach offering her soul centered approach to healing emotional wounds and unwanted patterns, which she believes is the roadmap to our highest potential. Candace believes that many of the negative symptoms we experience whether it be sabotage, illness, addiction, codependency, depression, anxiety, eating disorders are signs that we are OUT OF ALIGNMENT with who we truly are. Our society teaches us to put band-aids on our pain, but band-aids always need to be changed. The only way to fill the hole is with our own wholeness. We need to get REAL about how we FEEL so that we can finally HEAL.

Her philosophy is that we don’t need to be fixed we just need to be healed. Everything is already inside of us, we just haven’t been taught how to claim it. Candace’s work proves time and time again that the holes are our call to wholeness. The “symptoms” in our lives and unwanted patterns are nothing more then a guide to show us where there is limiting beliefs, an incorrect self image and where that identification has continued.

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