I have had a life-changing couple of weeks and I want to share some of my downloads with you. As you know, I always say that I got into the healing world out of a deep desire to heal my family and ultimately myself. What I saw in the healing world wasn’t working for me and so I went inwards and started to awaken my own deeper understandings and healing abilities. I found such a calling in helping others feel good. During my journey, I learned through experience that healing myself will ultimately heal them too.

Last week, I had a new client who asked me, “Candace how do I teach people what I have learned??” I said, “My dear, just BE THAT CHANGE.” This has been my biggest tool of influence. Authenticity has impact my friends, integrity has impact and healed people have a LIGHT about them that shines like a lantern.

Isn’t it interesting that becoming your authentic self and having that light by simply BEING was the entire point of our existence in the first place? JUST BEING should have always been enough, but due to our parents’ unhealed wounds, we were forced to take that on and in the process have uncertainty about our own WORTH.

Cut to last week. I booked a trip home to Chicago to see my childhood friends and have some fun and ultimately revisit my past and see how I felt. In the back of my mind, I also thought there may be a slight chance to see one of my cousins that I have been talking with for the past few years but had not seen in 18 years.

As the Universe would have it, my plans started to shift once I arrived. I didn’t want to leave on the day I had planned, so I extended a day. I randomly reached out to said Cousin to see if she was around. She said, “No, but if you “randomly” find yourself in the suburbs tomorrow then yes.” Well, I did randomly find myself in those suburbs two days later and wrote her back. She said, “NO WAY!!! Let’s meet for dinner and also my sister wants to come too.”

So back to the original topic of healing so that your family can heal…  After 18 years, I had a 5 hour dinner with two of my cousins face to face. This was an incredibly healing experience for all of us. We were so similar. We all three have Hashimoto’s disease and are gluten free (which I have always believed is yes genetic, but truly a turning against the self due to conditioning). We all three ordered the exact same dish. We all three have the same eyes. We all three wish to heal our family lineage and stay in touch.

After 18 years of not seeing my Father’s side of the family, I met up for a healing session that was so unexpected, but here is the catch!!!

My cousin looked at me as we are talking about the wounds in our family and she said, “Guys, do you realize today is Grandma’s Birthday.”

YEP our Grandmother who passed away many years ago had a hand in orchestrating this REUNION. We all were looking at each other in disbelief and sure enough it was 8/8/23. So here we are, coming back together after nearly two decades and getting along famously, Spirit better known as Grandma had a hand in this and we felt so deeply and completely in alignment with family purpose.

So friends, it took me a few days to integrate all of what had happened, what we talked about and also Granny coming through. To see spirit working is an incredible thing. To have such confirmation of SELF TRUST was huge. To heal ourselves is to heal our family but first we must know we are WORTHY.

When we know our worth we can also know self trust and when we find self trust, we undoubtedly are functioning from worth.

Here are a couple new videos for you to check out.



I AM WORTHY is still open for enrollment! This course is heavily around abandonment wounds and trauma bonds.

Shadow Work LIVE is also open and starts Sept 1st. This is healing the mother, father, family wounds.

Check them out before we close enrollment!!!

Last thing, I want to mention is that it is not your fault your parents did not heal. It is not your fault you walk around with some codependent tendencies. This is because you have not fully come to know your worth and heal those family trauma.

You are the one to do this. You were chosen, which is why you are reading this. It is tough work, but as you can see with my story above…… MIRACLES ARE POSSIBLE.


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