TRUST a New Way That Will Bring You Into a Stable, Secure, Safe Connection to Self and Others

This course is a deep dive into the beginning and ending of your abandonment wounds which attract the trauma bonds. Every trauma bond has a story behind it that started with attachment inconsistencies.

We learned to abandon the self in order to feel safe. This becomes scary, uncomfortable and creates roller coaster relationships. We get high on the intensity, the ups and the downs that mirror our original imprint. We get confused about what true healthy love is and we are bored when things are not intoxicating.

If you are ready to TRUST a new way that will inevitably bring you into a very stable, secure, SAFE connection to self and others, please join INNER WORK LEVEL 2.

NOTE: It is suggested you take LEVEL 1 or EMOTIONAL REHAB or coach with Candace before taking LEVEL 2. If you have done a lot of inner work and understand what trauma bonds are then feel free to dive in with us.

This course is structured healing.

We have 8 weeks of topics to follow and Candace allows for free flow of what is happening in you here and now from week to week. The past clients of INNER WORK 1 have always said they are in shock how their lives naturally starts to unfold for the next week’s teaching. This is because Candace created it to flow that way. She understands the in’s and out’s and patterns of healing as she has done it to a master level on her own.

Now is your time to master your own inner work and also your life.

Each week, we will focus on:

Week 1 : Abandonment (perceived or true) It creates the unworthiness wound. It creates brain freeze and loss of memory. It creates a fear of owning your needs and wants.

Week 2 : Unworthiness (Learn the in’s and out’s of how this shows up and what to do about it on a subconscious level.)

Week 3 : Your 1st Trauma Bond (Nervous system regulation, hypervigilance)

Week 4 : External Search for worth

Week 5 : Trauma Bonds outlined from start to finish (become a master at recognizing in your body first)

Week 6 : Withdrawal

Week 7 : Healing Self Abandonment (This is what you are ultimately afraid of)

Week 8 : Attuned to Self (No longer be a magnet to inconsistent, conditional love).

We start each class with a meditation to ground and connect. We dive into our topic and watch it flow from there. Each participant has an equal amount of time to share and be coached.




We start on Wednesday, June 5, 2024

2 Call Times to Choose From!

The group calls are 1.5 hours, once a week for 8 weeks on Wednesdays at 10AM or 11:30AM (Pacific US Time)

*All calls will be recorded just in case you can’t make a session.


Investment: $1600

4 payment options offered:

Payment Options for June 2024 –
Wednesdays @ 10AM PT:

Payment Options for June 2024 –
Wednesdays @ 11:30AM PT:

What Members Have Shared…

“Inner Work helped me to know that I’m not alone — that other people are struggling with the same issues in relationships as I am. It provided a container filled with safety and compassion as well as a weekly sounding board for feedback about whatever I was experiencing and how that is linked to my childhood trauma.

I highly recommend it! I loved it so much that I did it 3 times 🤣 It was distinctly valuable each and every time. “

- L.G.

“Being part of Inner Work has been transformative in ways that I couldn’t have predicted (especially since I’m already a Truth Room member, plus one-on-one… I didn’t think there was much else to unpack.) However, bonding with a smaller cluster, sharing profound insights, feeling seen and heard is truly remarkable! It also means that without fail, week after week, we each keep reporting huge aha-epiphany-breakthrough-shifts regarding healing out respective core wounds.

Thank you Candace for helping me “see” myself more clearly in this group dynamic.”

- J.L.

“Candace… I really loved that meditation with the fire this morning, it was very powerful!! That imagery of the fire (yes, I will use that again) was spot on and I could really feel the energy of our whole group going to that fabulous, lovely, accepting, indescribable, magical place in our minds’ eye.”

I really got A LOT out of our Inner Work class today. However, that really is going to stick with me. Very helpful. Thank you.”

- S.G.

“I honestly feel like I’m back to myself again. My inner child is back in my loving arms and I’m feeling more at peace because the missing part (baby girl) is now totally understood in why she was so quiet. She was quiet because she was who she was… a lover not a fighter. Who got time for that?”
- G.R.

“Candace works from a place of experience as she has tried and tested all of her processes and is always willing to share her own experiences. She lives and breathes her practices, always bringing her authentic self to every moment and being real… She has given me so much great insight and so many fabulous tools to use, I have felt a huge shift in myself as a result.”
- A.S.

About Candace

Candace Van Dell is certified in Spiritual Psychology, Reiki, Holistic Nutrition and Health, yoga and meditation.

For the past 20 years, she has been studying spiritual law and for the past 10 years, she has been teaching inner healing through her coaching work, YouTube channel and online courses.

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