Hello beautiful tribe,

I have been having some pretty next-level downloads lately. I want to share some of what’s been happening in my vortex with you 😉

Have you ever thought about how Society strips you of your complete and total knowing of your authentic worthiness from the start? It leaves you with parts that are good and parts that you name bad. It leaves you with a comparison of who is better or worse. It makes you feel like you need to achieve or earn love and attention. We are programmed to think we need to buy a product to better ourselves. We are programmed to feel that there’s something wrong with us from birth. Let’s not even get into our parent’s unhealed wounds that they project onto us. So basically we have a lot going on from day one.

When this happens, many of us fall into relationship addiction, perfectionism, MANY patterns of pleasing and self abandoning… you name it. Anything to get that external hit, approval, or confirmation that we are okay and on the right track. Many of my clients who have fallen into relationship addiction don’t even realize that they are defining themselves based on someone else. Instead of having to sit in the feeling of the unknown, they attach themselves to a partner who seems confident, successful, and all the like.

When that relationship looks uncertain or like it’s ending, they look for another partner to park their lack of self-worth in. Someone to help them escape from that unworthiness they fear that they may one day need to own. They would rather run around in the uncertainty of their worth rather than truly dig deep inside, spend some time alone and find out the truth that they are far more worthy than they would ever know.

So here’s the deal, so many clients come to me after years and years of therapy. Candace, why has therapy not worked for me? But when I watch your videos or hear you speak something clicks for me?

Here’s the truth, therapy is good to validate you. Therapy is good to get you to think about things and start to understand how to work with your feelings. Therapy also will not go much deeper to really dig into reparenting, upgrading your perceptions, and changing your programming. Once you have learned to self-validate, you’re needing something more.

So this is where I come in, where Society programs your truth out of you. I undo all the programming to realign you with your truth.

So when we think about self-worth, one way we sabotage, or hold ourselves back from that truth is by looking externally for measures of worth.

Every time we do that, we are telling our inner child that we are not worthy and we need these external things.

As all of my external things started to drift away 4 years ago, I somehow knew I signed myself up for this lesson. I was somehow pretty damn calm the whole time. There was this inner desire for me to know myself and feel safe in myself regardless of conditions or others. I CRAVED A DEEPLY SOLID KNOWING OF SELF AND TRUE CAPABILITY AND WORTH. TO ME THIS WAS SAFETY AND SECURITY AT IT’S FINEST.

I never wanted to have that fear/ anxiety feeling ever again if something that I depended on for worth or comfort were to leave me. I legit put myself through the self-worth boot camp. But as I have come into my own now, I work for myself, live on my own with my dog, have my amazing friends have my great health, have the most fun hobbies and travel all the time. I’ve realized that my life is totally Up to me, and according to My own sense of self and the anchoring of deep worth. I got to rebuild from the literal INSIDE OUT.

So in case you missed it, the greatest course I AM WORTHY is now complete as I have mastered it myself.

This 12 week Masterpiece is packed full of new stories, insights, tools worksheets, a 30 day plan to integrate your worth, monthly live calls face to face this time and so much more.

I will close enrollment before class begins Sept. 1, 2023. Check it out here.

I have never been this excited for a course but I realize this is always how I feel when I drop the new wisdom I have just gone through.

I love you all and thank you for being on this incredible journey with me and with each other.



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