Let’s talk about what really happened.
For 12 years now I have been coaching highly sensitive people & people who came from unpredictable emotional homes from all over the world. One of the things I love most about my purpose is that I get to see the similarities or what I like to refer to as the Authentic Threat that runs through us all. No matter where we are from or what we do in this world, the inner world is the same when you grow up with certain conditions.

Sure, we adopt different coping mechanisms based on our “SURVIVAL” instincts, but we all learn to survive rather than thrive.

Children who grow up in an (emotionally unpredictable home) are not wired for happiness, we are wired to avoid pain. Why? Because we don’t have the emotional support to deal with that pain and OVERWHELM is our reality. That overwhelm can feel like death to us when we don’t yet know how to self soothe. We spend most of our waking moments obsessively monitoring our ENVIRONMENT for threats to our safety and emotional security. We never know what is coming so we are on high alert or rather hypervigilance which often leads to a spike in our already high sensitivity. This can create DISTRACTION IN OUR FOCUS, STRESS RESPONSES, ANXIETY and more. In extreme cases, it can make us sick and fearful of the world and mostly OURSELVES.

We learn to fear ourselves, because we blame ourselves for not being able to BALANCE our home environment or we feel we are unworthy of a sound home or we would have gotten it. THIS PERCEPTION IS NOT CORRECT, BUT IT MAKES SENSE THAT WE FEEL THAT WAY.

Since we spend most of our time looking for safety and security, we tend to miss the time we are supposed to be focusing on ourselves and developing into our own identity. Many of us grow up not really knowing who we are and wondering what is wrong with us that we don’t even know how to make a decision.


  1. Stop Blaming Yourself
  2. Get Clear on what really happened
  3. Remind yourself that you are not 5 yrs old. You are actually safe now and learning tools to KEEP yourself SAFE with NEW BOUNDARIES

Here is a short list of questions to ask your “INTUITION” to get started. Do not think at all, just answer immediately. Do not judge or need it to make sense.

Start every question with “When I Was Little….”

  1. I loved …….
  2. My favorite color was…..
  3. I remember wishing I had this super power…..
  4. The reason I wanted that Super Power was……
  5. I wish my parents saw this in me……
  6. I loved Spending time with ………
  7. When I would do this I would feel good or relaxed……
  8. I used to imagine……
  9. I wanted this more than anything…….
  10. My favorite foods were…….
  11. I would daydream about…..
  12. When I grow up I will…….

JULY is my Birthday Month and as I feel this work is my PURPOSE. I want nothing more than to assist others in fully finding, healing, embracing the TRUTH of who they are. It is a whole new world to UNDERSTAND, MAKE PEACE WITH YOUR PAST AND YOURSELF AND SHINE like no other. I have much more SHINING to do myself and I am really excited by what is to come.

So for my BIRTHDAY I would like to give you a gift.

To learn and implement the inner, outer and ENERGETIC boundaries you need. Please grab my NEW BOUNDARIES BOOTCAMP COURSE along with my Soul Lab and Self Love Master Class. Three of my incredible courses for the price of ONE.

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The Bundle is a do it at your own pace bundle. Emotional Rehab has live calls each week you can tune into if you like to ask me questions and gain support from our community of 170 members so far. You can stay in the LIVE’S all year and become part of our thriving community of healing and awakening souls on this planet.

I love you all so much and I wish you complete recovery from anything that holds you back from your TOTAL SHINE!

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