Hello beautiful tribe,

Gosh, I am just sitting here reflecting on yet another amazing week with clients and new friends that have been finding this work. NOTHING makes me happier than watching people experience their aha moments 😉

I want to focus on HAPPINESS for a moment, shall we? By now we all know that happiness can be very temporary when it is based on external things. A new car brings us joy. A new home feels good and elevated on our goal list. A new relationship can feel shiny and new. Anything that you can accomplish will bring you that HIT OF JOY. But, that object of joy will get old, you will get used to it. There will be a new level to get to soon enough. You may watch other people do other things and think that may be fun for you as well. There will always be MORE to do and achieve and accomplish. And when we do enough of those things, we realize the inner world has not changed much. We realize the triggers may be the same just in a new environment or relationship. We realize that wherever we go and whatever we do… HERE WE ARE.

So I want to suggest inner freedom as THE WAY to consistent HAPPINESS. I talk a lot about tethering ourselves to powerful people, societal measures, and a relationship that defines us. But what happens when we lose that relationship, that person loses power, and that situation is no longer?

All of those things have happened in my life. I went through a wild period of rebirth and facing fears and stripping away things that ultimately felt more like a prison than safety. But little by little, I started allowing myself to focus on MYSELF as the source of my joy. What a concept right?

So often we reject this idea because we subconsciously believe that if I do not NEED anyone, I will be alone. If I am alone then what? Really follow that belief to its core.

We often tell ourselves that if we are alone we will be bored or unsafe. Also not true. There are people everywhere and as I have lived alone, I notice I am really tight with my neighbors.

My JOY comes from my work of course, but also from my freedom to do what I want when I want to. To know that I have the freedom to create. You see the more FREEDOM we allow into our lives, the more AUTHENTIC we are able to be. The more AUTHENTIC we are able to be, the more TRUE we are to ourselves. The more TRUE we are to ourselves, the more PURPOSE we are able to fulfill and the more CONNECTED and GUIDED we feel.

Now that is the ultimate for me. I literally had to walk this path before I was able to accept this new concept of FREEDOM. Like many of you, total freedom of the idea of it used to scare me. If I am free then it is all up to me? Everything is based around my choice or my decisions? How many of you are afraid to make decisions in case you are wrong? But guess what, when you love yourself and trust yourself, you do not care if you are wrong. You no longer have an inner critic trying to keep you perfect all the time in case of rejection. News flash, you no longer reject yourself!!!

That is the FREEDOM we are talking about here. No more self abandonment for others, for status, for measures, for opinions, for anything. It is time to take your power back by claiming your freedom to just be YOU.

One of the key ways to do this is to do your SHADOW WORK and even more so your GOLDEN SHADOW WORK. The Golden is where it was at for me. Claiming my truth, my power and not fearing my authentic self. Not fearing any rejection around my authentic self. This came from understanding Mother wounds, Father wounds and TRIBAL wounds. Nothing is personal after you dig into all of that.

I encourage you to join me if you can in SHADOW WORK. This is a fully online course over 12 weeks (done at your own pace). I am there to answer any questions you may have live each week. You get to become part of our incredible community of awakened souls. And the best part is you will be FREE.

We will not be offering shadow work live any longer. These courses will be On-Demand only. I hope you will take advantage. We will leave enrollment open until this Sunday when the first live call is held. The calls are not mandatory, but they are an extra perk if you would like to join.

Many new announcements to come. I hope you all have a fabulous week and I am always sending you lots of love.







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