Hi Beautiful Souls,

Lately, I have been talking A LOT about my new discoveries around healing the inner child deeply and completely. I believe I have discovered the step-by-step equation when it comes to acknowledging, validating, and truly knowing our INNER CHILD and creating the deep trusted connection to heal.

Most of us need some inner child healing and a lot of us need a lot of it. Our inner child is the key to our purpose, our fulfillment and mainly living our AUTHENTIC LIFE.

We must reclaim our authentic self. We must do all the wound healing and trauma healing so that we can get to the WISDOM that lives behind the wounding. So often I hear from my clients that there is this deep fear to know themselves in this intimate way. OF COURSE, there is. You were not mirrored in the way you needed so it is almost impossible for you to give yourself permission to do that for yourself and now.

I also notice in many of my clients, this subconscious pattern of delaying or blocking themselves from their TRUE SHINE. There are many reasons for this.

  1. It would be too hard to take to actually be seen and heard and accepted for exactly who you are. That was not your reality growing up and it feels UNCERTAIN and wrong now.
  2. Anger that comes up from being denied your true authentic self-expression
  3. Overwhelm from the pain of seeing how you have been held back and therefore held yourself back.
  4. Deep down you may not feel safe in your full expression or you may feel you don’t truly deserve it. Many of us are still looking for that permission slip from the parent we never truly had.

REPARENTING is one of my favorite teachings for this reason. Instead of treating your inner child the way you were treated as a child, you now get to treat your inner child like they are the prince or princess you longed to be seen as. The unconditional love you will one day be giving yourself is maybe the best thing I have ever experienced in my life. A permission slip to LOVE YOURSELF AS MUCH AS YOU POSSIBLY WANT AND NO MATTER WHAT.

In some of my newer YouTube videos, I talk about how breakups are far less traumatic when we can truly be unconditional with ourselves.

Here are a few of my latest videos you may have missed.

THIS IS WHY YOU NEVER FIT IT (Spiritual explanation)



The theme in my latest work is all about the justice we need to feel as inner children who did not get what we truly needed or deserved. We did not get the understanding in society, the comfort or support we needed at home and now we get to put that little one on the pedestal it deserves so we can THRIVE & SHINE as adults in all ways.

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I hope you are all anchoring into your self love as you enter this wild holiday season. I know I am spending a lot of time with my hot cocoa and my journal. I love getting grounded and super clear this time of year. There is just something about the end of the year that makes me reflect with an extra dose of wisdom.

Speaking of wisdom, I am almost finished creating my latest course. It is called THE INNER WORK (Inner child healing from start to finish). This digital course will be a completely different version than my live Inner Work course. This course is packed with new insights never been taught before. I do it all with you even though it is digital. Anything and everything you had a question about is probably answered in this course. We will be releasing it in the beginning of 2023. Get on that waitlist here!!!

I adore each and everyone of your souls and I love staying connected with you throughout the week on social and beyond.

I love and support you in your healing,

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