We are entering 5D consciousness real quickly. Many of you have been talking with me about your new and interesting physical ailments. YEP, I feel you as I have been having some ascension symptoms as well. Sure, it can be described as long haul Covid and autoimmune, etc. BUT if we look a little deeper, it also correlates with the heavy energies being released all around us. Our sensitive bodies are having difficult times regulating, integrating, and housing a different consciousness. There are some things we can do to help ourselves:

  1. Understanding that this is temporary and your body WILL regulate in due time. I am having some scary things happen as well so I know it can feel CRAZY.
  2. Pure living. Clear out the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual stress, blocks, and clutter.
  3. Heal childhood wounds that are stuck in your body through somatic healing, sound healing, inner work, and shadow work.
    SIDE NOTE, MY SHADOW WORK COURSE IS ENROLLING NOW! We will start Sunday. If you need to come a week late that is also fine as the first week is just the intro which we will cover again the following week. Sign up here
  4. Know that when you commit to emotional honesty, the clarity will drop in = The TRUTH of you.

As we are being asked to level up our system to fit a new system (Aquarian age), we must look higher. As we do our shadow work, we start to understand that nothing was ever personal. This comes from a knowing instead of a thought. We start to get that we need to answer to a higher authority that goes beyond society, parents, and people at large. We need to truly anchor in our wise guide inside and allow ourselves to TRUST our innermost insights, intuition, and instincts.

If you haven’t done the inner work, it Is hard to decipher trauma response from the truth. If you are looking to go deeper into your INNER WORK, my 8-week program starts Sept 12th. Five people max with me each week over zoom. This class has proven to be a game changer and continually mind-blowing. Join us here if you feel called.

Here are a few new videos to dive into to support your continued journey inward.



The Golden Child & Idealized Self

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