Hello beautiful souls,

This week has been an incredible cleansing week for me and so many of you whom I get to speak with regularly. Many of you have spoken about crying, lots of tears and releasing recently. In my opinion, this is the release of the old paradigm. Releasing old grief, old pain, old ways of being. Mostly, this is about releasing DOUBT. This may continue for some time.

I want to share something personal with you. I mentioned that I would be sharing about my childhood journal. I want to share with you some of the insights that have come forward, because of that very special little pink book. I read it front to back and… man did I cry. I cried because of the DEEP TRUTHS I wrote about when I was just 9 years old. The truths about ME and my situation at the time from age 9-16.

The level of awareness I had then mimics much of the wisdom I can now own today.

The difference between what my “inner child” said all those years ago and today is one factor… DOUBT. I was pushed into so much doubt. I was pushed into questioning my experiences due to “others” not confirming me.

How many of you can relate?

Reading this diary was life changing for me. There were so many entries that said, “When you are older please remember THIS.” Wow… what little geniuses our inner children are. I read this book as if I was reading a bible. In fact, this was my inner child’s truth, my inner child’s bible. This book not only guided me back to a profound TRUST in myself & my journey, but also a recognition that this truth is always with us whether we choose to honor it or not. Whether we choose to let the opinions of others force us to ABANDON OUR AUTHENTIC SELVES or not. Whether we choose to search endlessly to have this PERCEPTION confirmed or not.

So many of us are ANGRY at the people who made us question ourselves. But the real ANGER is actually self-directed. The real anger is how we BLAME OURSELVES for not being able to CHOOSE OURSELVES. We blame ourselves for not having the strength or belief.

Let me ask you a question… how are you supposed to believe in yourself when no one has given you permission to do so???? Self permission is the biggest hurdle. Realizing that the permission we are really waiting for, the authority we are looking to is the INNER CHILD who actually holds the ultimate answers for us.

How do we get in touch with our inner child if we don’t still have our very first childhood journal? My diary did one thing to me… CONFIRMED all the things I already felt to be true, but now had in writing. We start to lie to ourselves along the way. Our egos tell a story we can deal with rather than a truth we live with. We start to have a war inside when we deny and bury and make excuses for how we truly feel.

We need to “get real about how we feel so we can heal.”

What really happened? What meaning do we have attached to that? Go deeper, look further. If you still have triggers, there is more to uncover. If you still don’t have peace then you have not looked far enough. Many people don’t know the difference between their intuition or their fear. Their wounded view or their healed view. I will say that the wounded view will lead you to the healed version. Stay with it, stay with yourself.

Integrating the inner child feels like maturing 100 years. All of a sudden YOU are your own Mother and Father. You align with the source energy that created you. WHY does this happen? Because you are finally aligning with the TRUTH OF YOU. You were born pure, innocent and honest. You learned to lie to yourself to survive those around you who were already living from denial.

As we learn this, we can neutrally observe them and see that their lives are not anything we wish to copy. We are longing, crying and grieving for the reclamation of the AUTHENTIC SELF.

I build my courses based on my healing journey back HOME to SELF. These past few years have been the most brutal stripping away and at the same time the most miraculous discovery of true stability, capability, honesty that feels like an unshakable foundation of TRUTH.

When you feel safe in you, nothing can shake you, nothing can bring up doubt in you and nothing can take from you the truth that has always been and will always remain. Life is confusing when you are still not functioning from your own FOUNDATION. Come back home to you, release the false Gods, the false security. We only adopted them because we started to DOUBT THE SELF.

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