Hello beautiful tribe,

I want to share with you an incredible piece of poetry from my very talented client, Nechamie.

We have been working through the inner child wounds and reparenting. We need to become the unconditional loving Mother within that we never had. We need to give ourselves the permission slip to take our autonomy and make it into our most prized authority within.

Here is her Because poem!

Mother, may I?
May I feel these feelings that are weighing down my heart?
May I let go of all this pain I’ve been carrying deep within this grief?
Mother, may I?
May I come home to me?
May I give back all the shame you have placed on me?
Mother, may I?
May I be in touch with my body that you have tainted by abandoning me, by abusing me, by harming me…?
May I let my whole soul be seen, just as it always has been existing?
Mother, may I?
May I return back to the depths of me?
May I let myself be fully seen?
Mother, may I?
May I listen to my truth that’s woven through n the depths of me?
May I live life at my own pace and not what you’d expect of me?
Mother, may I?
May I let love in after all the pain I have too closely seen?
May I continue to express the darkest parts and not only the light in me?
Mother, may I?
May I be loved without conditions or your false perceptions of me?
May I be given more than just one chance to get this thing called life right?
Mother, may I?
May I get the approval I have far too long seeked?
May I take up space in the world without feeling like a burden to all of mankind?
Mother, may I?
May I give birth to all of the life, living inside of me?
May I tend to my wounds that you have placed on me?
Mother, may I?
May I bask in the joys of life and not only in the sorrows of a night?
May I receive support and not just be of support to you and all those in need?
Mother, may I?
May I be who I came here to be without the attachment of your toxicity?
My I mother me, because you have failed the little girl resting here beside me?
Mother, may I?
Yes little one, it’s safe to let go now…
It’s safe to be seen.
You may…

-To the mother within me.

I am never going to be
Who YOU want me to be,
And that’s okay.
I don’t ever need to be…
For although I don’t have you in the way a mother is supposed to be,
I have me,
And that’s all I really need.

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