This year has started out really fun with some unexpected new clients and also diving even deeper with many of you who have been with me for some time now. It never ceases to amaze me that whoever you are and wherever you are from, you will all have a similar theme to bring to the table. This is what I absolutely LOVE about the collective energy.

This month has been all about RADICAL AUTHENTICITY. As I have stripped away even more layers of my own this past year, YOU are all craving more confidence, realness, and empowerment too.

YOU are all seeing through things that have plagued you, that have caused you to question. You are all standing further into your authentic self and therefore calling in deeper purpose.

It is so exciting to watch!!

So I want to remind you of the way… The way to your authentic self is not only HEALING THE EMOTIONAL WOUNDS that block you from your true sense of self. BUT also TELLING THE TRUTH about your current emotional experience. WE think we need to be perfectly healed before we find our purpose or before we call in the partner or before we attract abundance. NOT TRUE.

WE JUST NEED TO BE RADICALLY AUTHENTIC. Being true to yourself is not about being true to your perfect most healed self… haha. Being true to yourself is being REAL with who and where you are currently at.

My journey became super fun when I just owned the fact that I had been hurt, and wounded. I struggled to own my truth, to believe in myself when I really thought I should have been able to do that. But also my friends, IT WASN’T MY FAULT AND IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT THAT YOU STRUGGLE TO BELIEVE, TO OWN, TO BE YOU.

Something happened to you to make you doubt. Something happened to you to make you uncertain and unable to trust yourself. This is not because you are inadequate. The TRUTH is that you did not have the support you needed. You did not have someone there to hear your feelings, mirror them, validate them, and therefore VALIDATE YOU.

You have been searching for that. And I am always here to remind you that you can and will learn to self-trust and self-validate as you continue on the path of telling your truth and being real.

WHEN YOU TELL THE TRUTH….. You are empowering your real experience in the new. Stop telling the truth you think others want to hear. Stop saying the things you think are acceptable. Step double checking how you say things. Just sit with your feelings and speak them out loud. If you are in one of my courses, then you know I recommend keeping an EMOTIONAL JOURNAL.

“Get REAL about how you FEEL and HEAL.”

If you grew up in a home that was emotionally unsound, unavailable, unpredictable, narcissistic, broken, divorce, shame etc… you are struggling with these things. The problem is not you, it never was. The problem was your environment. The problem is not YOU! But because of your problematic surroundings that were often in denial, you now have this problem 😉

If you are wanting to really dive in and do not have the finances for my coaching…. please check out my INNER WORK group. It is three people and me. We meet 90 minutes each week for 8 weeks and we follow a specific curriculum to HEAL. This class is like no other. Everyone who takes it will tell you it is kind of WOW. Our next class starts WEDNESDAY FEB 8, 2023. Sign up here We have 2 spots left!

Also if you are looking for a bigger group (community) to sink your teeth into your Mother, Father, Tribal wounds….. SHADOW WORK is not enrolling and starts in March. This course is a game changer. Don’t be surprised if you own your power are no longer afraid of your SHINE and attract some crazy abundance and also divine purpose into your life. Oh yeah and your family dynamics WILL CHANGE. There is no way they wont once you own your truth and change your role. When the puzzle piece is missing, the entire picture looks different. You are the piece, you are the KEY.

We have some new video on YOUTUBE right now and also don’t forget to check out the shorts.

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LASTLY: We are planning our 2023 retreat and getting really excited. It will be either September or October so mark your calendars.

Big love to you all,

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