Hello beautiful tribe,

This week I wanted to share one of my meditations with you. Some of you have heard this one before because it is one of my favorites. This topic of abandonment runs deep with this crew. We feel abandoned by society at times, our parents or partners, and it can even go into feeling abandoned by God at one time or another. But the truth is you can never be truly abandoned unless you agree with them and also abandon yourself.

So I share this meditation with you now as a reminder that you always got you if you so choose. You do not have to agree with anyone who has ever treated you less than you deserve. You do not have to agree with anything that has not gone your way. You get to be your own BESTIE now and try again, go for it one more time, rebuild your heart, your community, your life in the most magical way just as long as you choose YOU.

Since my divorce, I made a pact with myself that I will be my safe haven and I will be the best partner to myself that I could ever ask for. I am over here building my dream life one step at a time exactly the way I wish it to be.

It is hard to CHOOSE YOU. Many of you have told me that you find it hard to make yourself the focus of your own life and I hear you with that. But what I have discovered is that it truly must start with YOU. You cannot attract or maintain anything super healthy unless you are, you will not attract true abundance unless you are, you will not have true love unless you are truly, madly, deeply In Love with yourself, your inner child, and the life you were born to lead.

We will be opening our ABANDONMENT WOUNDS AND TRAUMA BOND CLASS for anyone who has taken INNER WORK or for anyone who has done some of their own inner work.

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I adore you all!


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