I want to talk about one of the biggest aha moments in healing. The moment you not only KNOW, but the moment you FEEL that this phrase is correct in your body.

“It was never my fault”.

As we start to do the INNER WORK and heal our low self esteem, discover the truth of who we are, upgrade our understanding of triggers, old wounds and reframe patterns, we SEE THE TRUTH. When we can see ourselves more clearly, we see everyone and everything clearly. How we see or do one thing is how we see and do all things.

It was never your fault that you did not receive unconditional love. Until we get this, we are constantly looking to our environment for some sort of confirmation that it is ok to own our worth or find our worth. It was never your fault you were treated poorly and did not have your needs met. Until we get this, we consistently engage in relationships with people who “CONFIRM” the original lie rather than the truth of what we deserved. These people will mirror the emotional immaturity of our parents and their inability to meet our needs. You are not wrong for having needs and your needs are not too much.

When you STOP looking externally for the reality of YOU, you can start to wake up to the TRUTH of you and THEM.

This is not about blaming others. It is about giving back the over responsibility of thinking that YOU are the reason for your pain.

It is a passion of mine to highlight the GIFTS we can receive from healing the pain. The pain once healed, IS OUR PURPOSE. But to get to this point, we must LOOK AT THE PAIN AND RELEASE YOURSELF FROM THE SELF BLAME. We must see what REALLY HAPPENED.

I had a client last week tell me that at age 61 she is finally allowing herself to SEE WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. She felt so guilty to see her parents having any fault, but this idea has left her in prison for too many years. Now she is finding pain, but also freedom in seeing what really happened. Once we can allow this, we will also see the pain our parents had to go through to be so unconscious, to treat us in such ways they may not have even been aware of.

Once we release ourselves from the BLAME GAME, we can then release others by going to another level of perception, validation, healing and LOVE.

I invite you to take a look at these three new videos on the topic.



I am excited to announce that our Wednesday Class for INNER WORK GROUP COACHING is now OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT. We have 2 spots left.
You can read about this incredibly powerful 8-week deep dive with me HERE

The 8 weeks consist of a 1.5 hour call with me every week. We have a structured healing approach. Here is the curriculum:
Week 1: Emotional Mirroring
Week 2: Attachment Styles
Week 3: Emotional Imprint
Week 4: Boundaries
Week 5: Toxic Shame/ Inner Critic
Week 6: Managing your Power
Week 7: Coping Mechanisms to upgrade
Week 8: Healthy Relationship Discernment

You will get individualized assignments. You will get equal time to share and converse with me. You will get the recordings each week and the discussion page. You will get healed and so much more 😉

Also My BIRTHDAY BUNDLE is ending Aug. 1, 2022

(I suggest this course 1st)
(I suggest this course 2nd)

Both start AUG 1, 2022!!!!

I am always sending you all so much love & light! We are all in this together and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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