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We all know it is NOT easy growing up highly sensitive. So many of us grow up thinking there is something wrong with us because the authority figures around us simply do not “get us”. We automatically feel there is something wrong with us because we were not mirrored, understood and nurtured in the very specific ways we needed.

Little by little we start to abandon our own “feelings”, our inner guidance system to align with those around us in efforts to feel safe. We then grow up looking for safety in external ways time and time again, never actually finding the consistent answer.

We are almost groomed to become codependent by a society that is not EMOTIONALLY SENSITIVE. But we are emotionally sensitive and when that “gift” is nurtured properly, we become incredibly insightful, empathic, driven and confident. We are natural SELF HEALERS. Many of you have told me that before you started this inner work, you had felt robbed of your purpose, robbed of your own gift and not knowing how to claim it.

Recently I was talking with one of my younger clients. She has grown leaps and bounds in a very short period of time. She kept showing up with her pain, her unresolved wounds and her negative self-talk. At the end of each of our private sessions, she would say “I’m here for it”. She trusted me without seeing much movement the first few sessions because I myself had been where she was at and am now living UNAPOLOGETICALLY AUTHENTIC (that was her goal).

What does it take to live unapologetically authentic and totally empowered? Not being in judgement of your feelings, not being in doubt of your truth, not being in fear of your golden shadow. What does it take to live your purpose as a completely self expressed being? IT TAKES THE INNER WORK. It takes you diving into an abyss of feelings you have denied for too long. What you will discover quickly is that by validating your emotional world WITHOUT identifying with it, you find your TRUE SELF that lives beneath it. This true self has never left you but has been dormant in efforts to preserve you.

My client was deathly afraid of what other people thought of her, what things looked like instead of what they felt like. We do this when we deny our emotional truth, we get attached to appearance and IDEALS over REALS. She also needed to know the end result of things and inhibited herself to just be in her natural flow. She has been spending a lot of time in nature lately and is allowing Mother Nature to be the Mother she never had. Mother nature is our most accurate mirror. I told her that her focus on ideals, appearance and other people are the only things standing in the way. Once we heal our inner wounds and learn to TRUST what we FEEL, all of that resistance melts away.

Other people’s opinions, focus on appearance and outcomes are the reason you denied your feelings in the first place. Living that way never made you happy or safe. It keeps you safe from yourself and this is what I mean. When you are lined up externally, you are safe from your truth which is what you were forced to abandon in the first place. You were told to do that because it was too much for someone to handle ONLY because they have not yet integrated their own authentic emotional reality.

A little more on Emotional Abandonment





I hope each and everyone of you realizes how massively important YOUR healing is for the COLLECTIVE.

I also want to mention that INNER WORK (group coaching) is starting JUNE 1, 2022
This is an 8 week deep dive with ME & max 5 other people. We dig into being highly sensitive, codependency, love addiction and shifting the relationships to self first to heal toxic relationship dynamics.

I LOVE this class because it is intimate, we bond quickly and it is the place to come to with your triggers and stress from the week. I always tell the members to save it for Wednesday and we will clear it!!! We meet every Wednesday at 6pm PST. We record the class in case you have to miss it. If you have questions about INNER WORK please reply to this email.

I hope you all have a stellar week and I am sending you an abundance of LOVE, LIGHT & HEALING

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