How is everyone this week? I feel like everyone I know is catching some cold or dealing with feeling under the weather. If any of you fall into this category, please know I am sending you an abundance of LOVE, LIGHT and POSITIVE VIBES to heal.

I have personally been LOVING the energy of this new year 😉

I feel that so much of the inner work I did in 2021 is now showing up through greater strength, clarity and new insights!!! We also have been building some new exciting ways to connect with this wonderful community. As I expand, you expand and vice versa. The mutual enlightenment part of healing is what makes it all worth it for me!! I think most of you know and feel by now that we are a COLLECTIVE. Once you are tapped in and tuned in, your inner guidance gets turned on. When you make this work CONSISTENT, it leads you to new heights on the daily.

Recently, I have been really focused on RESISTANCE. I have some new clients this year who have been new to this work. They have been sharing their stories with me and I see a common thread in them all… up until now, they have either been in judgment of their pain or in resistance to it.

This is exciting to me because as you all know I am all about GETTING REAL ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL SO YOU CAN HEAL. If you are in resistance, I can tell you why and also help you to clear it once and for all.

The resistance cuts you off from your AUTHENTICITY. When we are cut off from our authenticity we are never fulfilled and always afraid of change etc. We need things to be a certain way to “keep us safe from the fear of our original wounds being confirmed”.

What do I mean by that? So many of us live one foot in and one foot out of our healing journey. But as you probably know, the way we do one thing, we do all things. Therefore, our life is half assed 😉

We don’t want to go all in because we are deathly afraid that if we do, we will find out that we truly aren’t enough or that we are flawed or that we don’t deserve love…. whatever it is for you.

What I want to share is that the OPPOSITE is true. We are also afraid that we may find out that we are AWESOME, LOVED AND CAPABLE. Why does this scare us? Because then we will be forced to look at the people who made us think less about ourselves and see the truth. It was NEVER you, it was just their projection of their own unhealed wounds. This hurts us because for so many years, we made it our fault. If we were wrong about that, there are many years of lost happiness and confidence, right? But the truth is you were always on this discovery of TRUTH so nothing was lost, only more and more found.

The more you stop resisting, the more you come into clarity that will then heal the parts of you that have been stuck. You have been in resistance to the truth because you thought it would hurt you. The truth will only heal you even if it feels tough.

So I welcome you all to watch my new video on how to end your emotional pain.

If you wish to dive into this further and join my new INNER WORK group. please sign up here.

5 people per group!

I am wishing you all a safe and healthy week filled with love and insight.

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