I have been talking a lot about worth lately, self-worth to be specific. In my classes, we touch on codependency, confidence, and worth. They all completely go together. Let me explain something.

The root cause of codependency is insecurity. The root cause of insecurity is unworthiness. The root cause of unworthiness is a lack of mirroring, that creates an uncertain identity. When we grow up not knowing if we’re good or bad, if we’re doing something right or wrong, if we can trust ourselves or not, it’s a big issue.

This is where the search for external validation, confirmation, and confidence comes from. This is when we become attracted to narcissistic types. This is when we continue to abandon our own inner guidance to line up with other. Our survival is to be attached instead of connected to ourselves.


You, like me, like many, are just products of an emotional Dark Age.

But let me explain why the emotional Dark Age needs to be awakened.

We believe that our parents are Gods right? Therefore, we believe God will also treat us like our parents did. If your parents punished you, you believe God is doing that. Let me be clear, I interchange the words God and universe and Source often. Please use whichever one feels best to you.

So, since we perceive the universe as an energy that teaches us the hard way, challenges us, tests us and punishes us, we also think the universe does things to us because it doesn’t think we’re worthy.

Let me tell you something, the universe knows you’re worthy and that is why it gives you these tests. It gives you these tests, these challenges because it knows that you’re ready to graduate, it’s giving you an opportunity to show and prove your own abilities to your own self.

If you believe in yourself as much as the universe believes in you, you wouldn’t see the universe as harsh testing to see you fail, you would see it as opportunity giving so you can see your growth.

“We see things as we are not as they are.”

I see many of my clients using the universe as yet another excuse to stay unworthy. Trust me it’s true. They say, “Candace, why wouldn’t the universe give me the support I needed? The universe must not think I’m worthy.” I say the universe isn’t giving you the support you think you need, because you don’t actually need that. Then they say, “well, why would the universe let me be in this position?” I say is it the universe that let you be in that position or is it people that put you in that position? Maybe the universe knows that you can get yourself out of this. Maybe the universe doesn’t want to have to come to your aid because it wants you to see that you’ve got this. The universe is never against you, it 100% always has your back. The universe is an extension of you. If you have your own best interest, you’ll even feel more of the support from the universe.

If you don’t have your best interest, it means you’re acting from free will not higher will. And often times the universe will not step in because it doesn’t want to get in your way of your own will. Hear that again!

Just like Angels don’t want to come to your aid unless you ask for their help. They don’t want to get in your way of your own free will. The goal in life in my opinion is to line our Free Will up with our higher will. This is when Harmony synchronicity and Alignment become natural.

So the next time you think the universe doesn’t think you’re worthy, ask yourself if it’s just a reflection of your own beliefs. Your job is to line up with the beliefs of the universe. The universe made you perfect for your purpose. The universe knows that you are 100% worthy. The universe made you for goodness sakes, the universe doesn’t make mistakes. People do.

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