Hi Beautiful tribe,

Everybody needs boundaries. And if you’re a highly sensitive person, you need them more than most. Once upon a time when you were younger, your boundaries were broken and not only by possible family members or close relatives. I’m talking about real boundaries… which are inner boundaries, outer boundaries, and energetic boundaries that were broken by Society.

What do I mean by this? When you’re a highly sensitive person who lives in an emotional Dark Age, your emotions are constantly invalidated. How many of you have experienced authority figures that just cannot relate? How many of you grew up feeling different? How many of you feel misunderstood? How many of you feel like you’re born on the wrong planet? How many of you feel you just don’t belong? When you feel this way, you ultimately give up many of your boundaries. When you give up your boundaries, you give up your connection to your inner guidance.

Welcome to my life! And now I want to share with you the journey back to self. Largely, the journey back to self is not only doing the inner work to heal the emotional wounds, but now it is about reclaiming your boundaries! In particular, your inner bonders in your energetic boundaries. Everyone knows about our boundaries, but that’s simply not enough to heal.

My Boundaries Bootcamp course will be open for enrollment May 1, 2022. I could not be more excited for this course. It is a plethora of information about boundaries, why we need them, where they went, and how to claim them now and forever in any and all situations. You will drop the guilt, you will own the TRUTH, your truth.

Get on the waitlist here. You’ll be the first to be notified when it’s open.

In the meantime, here are a couple of videos from the past that will get you ready for those boundaries!











I also want to note that my 2 12-week courses are still open for enrollment now!

EMOTIONAL REHAB healing inner child wounds, toxic relationship Dynamic, and codependency.

SHADOW WORK Healing the mother wound, the father would, the tribal wounds. This course will align you with their power and draw you into your true purpose.

I also have one spot left in my inner work group Wednesday evenings at 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time in INNER WORK.

I’m so excited to dive in to the Boundary Journey with so many of you!

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