Hello beautiful tribe,

This week I want to focus on reclaiming our EMOTIONAL TRUTH. As we know, many highly sensitive people and empaths end up codependent. There is a very specific reason for this in my book. When you grow up with a different emotional range than a lot of other people, you often lack the emotional mirroring from a parent or your environment. You can feel that you are on the wrong planet or simply alone with what you feel, which can be traumatic in itself. An emotional mirror is when someone can see what you are seeing and feeling what you are feeling and CONFIRM to you that you are not crazy, but that your perception is in fact shared.

When we feel things more extreme, we can be called dramatic, over sensitive or too much. This creates DOUBT within us. We start to wonder why we are different. Why no one can understand us. We think there is something wrong with us. We think we cannot TRUST WHAT WE FEEL. This is the first time most of us abandoned ourselves to feel safe with another.

When we learn to abandon our own emotional truth, we become very UNSAFE. We are directed to others rather than our own INNER GUIDANCE.

When we are no longer connected to our inner guidance, we are not connected to our own PATH. We are no longer trusting the messages of our heart and we start to live in our head and worse yet, live through the OPINIONS of others.

This is a very powerless existence. This makes us feel lost, but also very attached to what other people think, feel and do. We start to line up with EXTERNAL sources of power as we have disconnected from the source within us.

We worry about external safety and we become very insecure at the thought of it leaving. This is how we start to live conditionally.

Through my journey of having to undo any and all of my own dependency, I have become emotionally sovereign, but also free. Now here is the tricky part. Most of us subconsciously do not want to be free. We got the message early on that if I am independent then I will be ALONE. So instead, we are dependent so that we are needed or so that we need another. What we ultimately NEED is to be tethered to our own SELF so that we never feel LONELY again.

This is a difficult journey and it can be very confusing. For this reason, I made you a video that will explain.


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EMOTIONAL REHAB is an in depth look at my own journey back to SELF as well as tons of video lessons, exercises, healing modalities and daily practices for you to do the same. You also get me LIVE each week and a beautiful community of like-minded souls.

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Please know that the journey is not super easy, but it is worth it and the results are something I cannot even put into words. Your life will reflect your inner peace and your days will be filled with more grace and ease.

I adore you all and honor you for choosing YOU!


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