TRAUMA is a big word in the healing world. What is trauma? Trauma is defined as having experienced an overwhelming or negative event and not having the proper support to deal with it. Essentially, we are alone in our pain which creates suffering and an inability to integrate emotionally.

If we experience a trauma that does not get resolved, we can endure long-term effects through behaviors, intense triggers, unwanted patterns, thought cycles, and anxiety or depression. Some people can experience PTSD which is the anxiety that affects our body’s hormones and how the body responds to stress.

As we begin to heal these emotional wounds, we must first ACKNOWLEDGE that the trauma exists. More people than you would believe actually deny their trauma. They say it wasn’t that bad or they should be over it by now. They are doing a complete bypass and in the process, they are totally invalidating their inner child and what she/he went through. They are in a sense denying their own reality. When we deny our pain, when we are not real about how we feel, we stay stuck in that undercover trauma and we do not heal.

So what is the first step? ACKNOWLEDGING the truth of what happened to you. You might be surprised to know that many people are not willing to do this. They do not want to do this because they are stuck in shame. The misbelief that what happened to them was because of them or somehow defines them.

This is WRONG. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with you, there is something wrong with what happened to you. No matter how big or small an event was, does not matter. How it affected you is what matters.

Please don’t be afraid to see the error in someone else’s ways. Most highly sensitive people I speak with are very reluctant to call anyone out. They “feel bad” about making someone else own their behaviors and mistakes. Don’t feel bad! Feel honored to be able to see the truth, speak the truth and not enable others to avoid the truth.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT is the key to beginning the trauma healing. Getting clear on what really happened instead of the “story you have been protecting.” As children, it is easier to protect the authority figures around us so that we can have a false sense of safety. But how many of us are still finding ourselves in FALSE SAFE situations? We don’t become truly SAFE within until we tell the truth and stop living in situations that mirror the original wound.

Your safety and security have always been in your integrity. Living your truth, knowing your truth and speaking your truth. I encourage you all to step up the truth came. Speak out loud as often as you can and empower that big beautiful voice of yours.

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