Hello beautiful souls,

I hope you had a beautiful week! As we enter the month of May, I am already feeling the floodgates of new energy entering. All those heavy energies from the beginning of the year have cleared and personally, I am living with a whole lot of openness and synchronicity!!

May is the time to bloom my friends and no better way to do that than connecting with others who think like you do!! One of the best parts of being a coach is that I get to work with people all day long that share a certain mindset. It feels like I’m being mirrored all day every day and that’s priceless!!

Once we realize that as highly sensitive people, we are not going to be mirrored by the matrix system we live in, we can find comfort in breaking out of that old belief that we must suppress or deny parts of who we are to belong or connect. That is the biggest lie of all!!! To truly connect and ultimately empower others and start to affect the world in positive ways, we just detach from the crowd and connect to the soul. When we connect to our own soul, we start to recognize others that are fully connected to self as well. We start to get inspired by the unique lives of others who live according to their own guidance rather than the system we were conditioned into leaving ourselves for.

Living outside the matrix but making money that way has been a big question in my monthly membership recently. I have been living outside of it for a very long time and have never thought twice about money. I have shied away from this topic often due to all the annoying money coaches out there who SELL and then don’t deliver. For this reason, I am busy creating my “money outside the matrix” program!! It is not ready yet but when it is I will be sure to share about it.

If there are any specific topics you want to hear about or angels you would like to explore, I want you to send an EMAIL HERE so I can be sure to have all the important questions answered in this program.

Also here are a few new videos for you to enjoy in the meantime!

Highly Sensitive Teens – Emotional Crisis

Highly Sensitive People 5D living in 3D

This is for the Scapegoat

And lastly my INNER WORK program starts again May 8. We still have spots open so check that out here!!

All my love to you!!!

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