Shadow Work and The Emotional Pain Body are two of my favorite subjects. In my new video, I shed some light on the dark parts of ourselves that we NEED in order to integrate and come from a place of clarity.

Shadow work is all about waking up CONSCIOUSLY to those parts of ourselves that we have deemed bad, not good enough, wrong, different. We put those parts of ourselves into the shadow, but we fail to realize that anything that we cannot see has more power over us. When we can’t see it, it can come out of nowhere and scare us like a dark alley at night.

We need to have the courage to explore those parts of ourselves that scare us. Those emotional triggers from our emotional pain body that stir up our lives (out of nowhere), we don’t know what to do about it. When these triggers come up, we need to recognize that these emotions are not who we are but they are needing our attention.

As we bring awareness to these parts that scare us, we are already shedding light on them. By seeing ourselves, being with ourselves, not judging ourselves, but instead applying compassion, love and unconditional support to those parts of ourselves that hurt… they HEAL.

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