This week I released a new video all about WHY we are taught to stay small.

You can watch that video here.

When we grow up in an unsound emotional environment, we learn to shift ourselves in order to survive our surroundings. With highly sensitive people, this hurts our emotional life first and foremost. Most HSP’s have a different emotional world and when that is not mirrored, we learn to shrink it. We put our emotional gifts in the shadows and start to look for external cues that we are on track to be accepted and fit in. This is the beginning of self abandonment and the start of our SHRINKING OUR LIGHT.

When people cannot reach our level of emotional need, we think our needs are wrong and we are wrong. What I have learned on my journey is that THEY could not meet our needs, which means THEY are not capable. We start to feel the fear of never getting these needs met so we deny them, hide them and pretend we don’t have them. This makes us walk around the world un-whole. This is a constant reiteration that we are not safe to OWN OUR EMOTIONAL TRUTH and therefore we start to gaslight ourselves and blame shift ourselves.

The message many of us got and continue inside our head is “If I tell my truth or state my needs, I will be rejected.” The truth is “If I tell my truth or state my needs to toxic people, I will be rejected.” We need to reframe this 100% of the time so that we can STOP living small around people who cannot handle our light.

The way to self partner in this way is to OWN our needs and desires regardless of others not liking it. We need to put ourselves first and teach ourselves from the inside out that we are worth it, but also that we now know how to emotionally validate our own inner world.

We no longer need others to survive, we need OURSELVES to survive. We can wrap our arms around that inner child who still needs US to confirm her or his safety within us.

When we stop PLAYING SMALL, we start to shine. It is as simple as that.

As we reclaim our truth, we start to have the clarity around living our truth. This uncertainty of who we really are because the most clarity you will ever have. I encourage you all to STEP UP this week into the courage of owning YOU. Ask yourself…

“What if my needs and visions and desires are valid and possible?

What if the people I am sharing this with are not capable but I am.”

“What if I was NEVER wrong, but the people who made me feel that way were just threatened by my needs that they were not able to fulfill.”

Do a little writing assignment this week on what your needs truthfully are and WHY you think they are not valid or ok. Then write down what you would do differently if you were totally valid and ok.

I want to let you guys know that my BOUNDARIES BOOTCAMP course will be coming soon. Find the waitlist here.

Also the waitlists for my two signature courses is back up for the next offering… Emotional Rehab and Shadow Work.

I am sending you all mad love and light. We are all in this together. As I go higher and higher on my journey, I am bringing you all with me and vice versa.

If you are not a member of The Truth Room.  You may want to join soon. Our group is ON FIRE with the learnings and conscious elevation. In 2022, we will be changing the structure and raising the price for new members. I hope you will join us.


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